Cristiano Ronaldo saves America from World Cup elimination

A few days after Cristiano Ronaldo broke American hearts with his game-tying assist, the Portugese star came through to score the go-ahead goal against Ghana to relieve the Americans' 1-0 loss to the Germans.

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Ronaldo's goal, which made it 2-1, sealed Ghana's elimination from the tournament - the only team that had a realistic chance of taking the Yanks' spot in the Round of 16. Maybe that was Ronaldo's way of saying, "Sorry, U.S., I'll make it up to you." American fans, some of whom dislike Ronaldo, sure do love him now.

Group G winners are finally set: Germany and U.S. advance, while Ghana and Portugal leave the tournament.

Team USA conquers the "Group of Death!" As Kevin Garnett would say, "Anything is possible!"
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