Stunning 'glass church' perched on Rancho Palos Verdes cliffs is a natural sanctuary

ByJose Mayorquin Localish logo
Monday, November 13, 2023
Stunning 'glass church' perched on ocean cliffs is a natural sanctuary
Wayferers Chapel, also known as "The Glass Church," is an architectural wonder perched on Pacific Ocean cliffs which draws visitors from around the world.

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. -- The elaborate design of churches goes back many centuries. While many feature stained glass, Wayferers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, California is predominantly made of glass, hence called "The Glass Church" by some.

"Wayferers Chapel has become not only nationally known but internationally known," said Dan Burchett, executive director of the chapel. "It was build by Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. in 1949. Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr. is the son of the more famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He and his father designed structures that would harmonize with nature."

"It just fits in the environment," said Christy Hopkins, a visitor from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. "It like this place has been here forever. And it's just very beautiful."

"People from all faiths or even no faith can come and really take of time either restoration or renewal," said Burchett.

Waferers Chapel is open to the public and hosts a variety of services, including weddings and memorials.

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