Surveillance video released of deadly attack on cab driver last September in West Loop

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The family of a cab driver beaten and killed in Chicago says they have new evidence that could help police charge their father's killer.

They said this was an unprovoked attack and a surveillance video released by the family Wednesday shows the attack on 64-year-old Anis Tungekar and the aftermath.

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The victim's family demanded answers from Chicago police as to why no one has been charged in their father's murder. But that could change after the release of the new video.

"According to witness statements, there was an initial verbal altercation between Anis and the Uber at the Presidential Towers at Madison and Jefferson. At the time, the Uber driver damaged Anis' side-view mirror and drove off," said Michael Gallagher, family's attorney.

Tungekar follows him to North Jefferson Street and West Washington Boulevard. In an overhead shot, Tungekar is seen approaching the 30-year-old driver of the dark colored vehicle.

"Anis pulled his cab in front of the Uber driver, exited, and verbally confronted him, pointing out the damage he had done to the cab," Gallagher said.

On the tape, Tungekar then goes to the passenger side of the car and appears to fold in the side-view mirror.

"At that time the Uber driver got out of his car, walked to Anis and roundhouse kicked him, striking him in the head until he fell to the ground," said Gallagher.

Several bystanders, including a cyclist, are seen trying to help the 64-year-old before the attacker drivers away.

Tungekar died of his injuries two days after the Labor Day weekend attack.

"The night that my father died, his killer was released without charges and here we are three months later still waiting for someone to acknowledge that it is a crime to kick someone to death in the city of Chicago," said Omar Tungekar, victim's son.

The family now hopes the new video will give police the evidence they need to formally charge the man they say is responsible for his death.

"Despite all the evidence, the State's Attorney remains reluctant to charge this man and what this reluctance signals to us is, as far as the state is concerned, my father's life had no value, that he was dispensable, not worth fighting for," said Rehman Tungekar, victim's son.
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