How companies can encourage work productivity during March Madness games

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022
March Madness productivity
Companies can use March Madness as a tool to keep and boost productivity with friendly competition and banter.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- March Madness is upon us and many college basketball fans like to plop it in front of the TV.

A Chicago staffing agency said March Madness doesn't have to be a bad thing for workplace productivity.

Jessica Schaeffer, with The Lasalle Network, joined us live via zoom to share more.

There are so many reports on how it takes away from employee productivity, but companies can use it as a tool to actually increase productivity.

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When companies ban it, their employees will still watch it but undercover, which takes away even more from their workday than to embrace it. She suggests either showing it on the TVs in the office or talking about the games with employees to create buzz around the office.

She also said to consider creating a bracket challenge as a great way to connect employees across tenure, offices, roles and bond over something outside of the work they do.

Managers can even get involved, as it's a way to connect with direct reports and employees outside of their team.

For more, watch the interview above.