WWII veteran, 92, temporarily avoids eviction thanks to judge's order

WHEATON, Ill. (WLS) -- A 92-year-old World War II veteran gets to stay in his Glen Ellyn condo for now, thanks to a judge's order.

Robert Wallish fought for his county in World War II, participating in the invasion of Normandy. Now, the widower is fighting to keep the apartment he's lived in for the past 20 years.

"It's indefensible that someone who served our country and has been basically an American hero would be put out summarily on the street," said Melvin Sims, an attorney representing Wallish who petitioned to have the eviction order extended 30 more days.

A DuPage County judge granted that request Wednesday, otherwise Wallish would have been removed from his apartment on Friday. The judge's order stipulates that Wallish must actively look for alternate housing.

"Someone's gonna help me Tuesday, come over and help me, see if we can find some places for the service agency, see what we can do," Wallish said.

The owner of Wallish's unit needs to sell it to pay for her dementia care. Nicholas Kirkeles, who represents the owner, says he first approached Wallish 18 months ago about moving out of the unit but has not gotten any cooperation. He says no one wants to evict a veteran, but his client's medical bills are piling up.

"There's people here willing to help, they've been out to help him, he's refused help," Kirkeles said.

Jordan Greenberg, another attorney representing Wallish, agreed that these 30 days are the last chance to find a new apartment and make a dignified exit.

"We're gonna take all the steps possible to help him find the new place to make an exit without any issues and not have his stuff thrown out on the street," he said.
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