NewsViews: Pope Francis

March 18, 2013 8:26:56 AM PDT
On this NewsViews: We'll be discussing the installation of Pope Francis with Father Mark Bosco, an associate professor at Loyola University and the director of the Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage.

The former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina will be formally installed as Pope Francis.

His election this past week made history. He is the first pontiff from Latin America and the first Jesuit to become pope. He was also a somewhat unexpected choice, known as a modest, humble man with a passion for ministering to the poor.

During his tenure as archbishop of Buenos Aires, he refused to live in the bishop's palace, instead moving to a simple apartment where he cooked his own meals. And, rather than being driven around in a limousine, he took the bus.

So what should we take away from his selection? What does it say about the cardinals who elevated him to pope? Those are the issues to be discussed on this NewsViews.