Man shot, killed at Lansing gas station

LANSING, Ill. (WLS) -- A man is dead after being shot while pumping gas at a service station early Sunday morning at 170th and Torrence in south suburban Lansing.

Police have cleared the scene and the gas station has re-opened after police spent most of the day investigating the shooting death.

Authorities have identified the victim as 25-year-old Myron Parker of Chicago. Investigators have not yet said what the motive for the shooting was, and it is still unclear whether it could be the possible involvement of a domestic dispute.

The brazen daytime attack happened as customers gassed up during busy Memorial Day weekend.

"It's a shock," said Lansing resident Ezekiel Ali. "I've lived here for many years."

Calls to 911 began Sunday morning around 10 o'clock after witnesses say a man was shot at the BP gas station.

"I was terrified," a female witness said.

Both that woman and her husband, who were afraid to appear on camera, saw the whole thing.

The area residents say they stopped at the gas station with their kids to fill up when they saw a man pull into the gas station to pump gas and another car followed him in.

"They had a couple of words, but the dude that got shot brushed it off like it wasn't that big a deal, but when he turned his back he shot him," the female witness said.

The shooter then got back in his car and fled.

"We ran over to see of the guy was alright," a male witness said. "He had pressure applied to his chest but every time he would move his hand it would pour out like it was water."

Police at the scene released no information about the shooting.

This as new south suburban resident Willie Baker remains concerned about Sunday's violence.

"It never happens around here," he said. "I just moved from the city and I'm disappointed to see it happen here."

It is still unclear if indeed the gas station security cameras caught the attack, but police have made no arrests and have nobody in custody.
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