8-18-18 is expected to be the most popular wedding day of the year

CHICAGO (WLS) -- 8-18-18 is expected to be the most popular wedding day of the year.

A line wrapped around Chicago's City Hall with couples and their families. Some people clueless about the special date.

"This just kind of worked with our schedule and we didn't even know that it was going to be a popular day to get married," said Eva and Charlie Kipp who eloped in Italy last month but needed to make their marriage legal in the United States.

The City Clerk's office say Saturdays are normally busy but today was especially busy with couples bringing their family and friends along for the ceremony.

Retailer Marshalls also stepped in to surprise the first 100 couples with a wedding gift, a professional photo and a champagne toast.

According to The Knot, almost 30,000 couples will marry today.

There are many reasons behind the special date.

For one, 8-18-18 is a palindrome date which means it can be read the same way backward and forward.

"We liked how the number looked....and it's going to be our forever day," said Izabelle Ferrer who got married at City Hall.

It's also considered a lucky day since for many cultures the number 8 stands for life-long romance and success.

Latriveate Dorsey and her partner Letitia Chappell say they chose this date two years ago. "The 8, the 1, and the 1, equals 10. And 10 is divine purpose and completion, so that's why we chose today," said Dorsey.

And when placed on its side, the number 8 makes the infinity which means forever.

Jordan Seymour and Samantha Funk hope to turn their short two months of dating into forever. "It's very quick, but when you know you know," proclaimed Seymour.
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