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Through its internship program, ABC 7 aims to enrich and supplement the educational offerings of select accredited colleges and universities which award degrees in Mass Communications/TV or a related field.

This will be accomplished by cooperating directly with the schools to provide practical internship experience for the student pursuing a career in the business of broadcasting. During the internship, students will have the opportunity to observe and participate on a limited basis in the operation of a major market television station. As interns, student will learn the function, operation, and staffing of various departments within the station. These include, but are not limited to News, Programming (production, publicity), Sales (marketing, sales research), Creative Services (promotions, graphics), Sports.

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, students will earn a specified number of academic credits, to be determined by the school. This is a non-paid internship program.


The ABC 7 Student Internship Program is managed by the station's Community Services Department. The Internship Coordinator will supervise the program and will serve as liaison between the station and participating schools, and will assume the following primary responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain contact with the individual identified by the School to coordinate its Internship program.
  • Assist the school coordinator, when necessary, in the development of an effective student screening Program.
  • Manage the station's internal program by obtaining necessary student credentials and coordinating interviews with station department personnel responsible for supervising and selecting interns.
  • Serve as advisor and resource for all students participating in the program.
  • Coordinate final evaluation of the interns and forward to the participating schools.


Any accredited four-year college/university or graduate schools that offers degreed programs in mass communications/TV broadcasting, or a related field.

Each school must verify in writing on official letterhead the following:

  • Student meets the requirements of the internship program as outlined below.
  • Student will be registered for academic credit.
The student internship program is exactly that. Students who participate must be given maximum exposure to the operation of the department to which he/she is assigned, but by no means is to be considered a "paid intern or employee." Therefore, the experience must not be conducted in such a way that the intern performs the functions of a paid ABC 7 employee.

Students are required to work no more and no less than three days per week at the station. An internship cannot exceed 15 weeks. A minimum of 12 weeks is required.

Students will be required to sign in on their first day at the station and will receive their ID security card. We ask that they return their ID security card upon completion of their internship. Please note student's school final evaluation will not be completed if their ID security card is not returned. Students will be responsible for all personal expenses incurred during the internship.

Ms. Elsa Ruiz Claveria will coordinate all internships.

No departments will be permitted, under any circumstances, to "bring their own interns' into the station.


In order to be eligible for an ABC 7 internship, each student must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a bona fide undergraduate or graduate program leading to a degree in Mass Communications/TV or a related field.
  • Must have completed all prerequisite courses.
  • Have attained at least junior year (2nd semester) standing.
  • Have at least a grade point average of "B".

Understand that job placement is not a part of the internship program. Internships are part of a course of study offered by an accredited college, for which participants will receive academic credit.


Click here to download the student application in Microsoft Word format.

1. All interested students should complete the application linked above.

2. Applicants will submit a resume, an outline of their personal interests and professional goals, and a statement of why they would like to be chosen for an internship. The internship coordinator will review the materials, route them to the appropriate individuals and help to coordinate personal interviews with department directors and/or the persons directly responsible for the intern's super- vision. Following a review of the materials, the student will be notified of acceptance or rejection and, if accepted, will begin on a date that is appropriate for all parties concerned.

School administrators will post notices apprising students of the ABC 7 Student Internship Program.

The application forms will be supplied to the participating colleges and universities. The schools will be responsible for copying them and distributing them to the student body.

To request an application or to submit one, write to:

Elsa Ruiz Claveria
Internship Coordinator
190 North State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60601


Each of the participating departments will have written criteria with which interns must comply. Interns should be open-minded and receptive to learning, capable of easily assimilating and applying learned knowledge, energetic, self-starters, and willing to appreciate and take full advantage of the opportunities available through an internship with ABC 7.

Affirmative efforts will be made to include a representative number of protected class members in the internship program.

Affirmative efforts will be made to include a representative number of protected class members in the internship program.


Prior to serving an internship, students must sign a release absolving Disney/ABC, Inc./ABC 7, its divisions, subsidiaries and all personnel from liabilities relating to any loss, damage, or injury sustained during the course of his/her activities as an intern at ABC 7.


In an effort to maximize the effectiveness of the internship program, the station will offer internships that provide consistent, step-by-step exposure to some of the most important aspects of the television industry. Experience in these vital areas will help the intern to broaden their horizons and crystallize career goals while gaining a basic understanding of the station's operations.

It should be understood that student interns can participate in any non-union task, under the supervision of a non-union employee who regularly performs that job.

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