Service delivers healthy meals to South Side- and beyond

January 23, 2008 10:05:16 AM PST
There are several home-meal delivery options available in Chicago-- most of which promise three meals-a-day and reduced calorie dining. But a new service in town caters specifically to African American customers. Eric Paul is both a chef and an entrepreneur. With some help and encouragement from him mom, he recently started a home meal delivery service called Alter EatGo.

"The way we differ, is we offer a lot more menu variety. A lot of my clients said, hey, we eat breakfast ourselves, so we offer lunch and dinner; and then also I have a lot of clients that work out quite a bit, or athletes in college, so they say we needed more calories," said Chef Eric Paul, Alter EatGo.

He delivers meals within a 20-mile radius of Chicago. Options range from stir-frys to salads; even healthy pizza. He says the business really began as a way to service the African American community.

"We thought that was a market that had a lot of demand, a lot of my friends actually, who are working professionals, said it would be great if you started a convenient diet food delivery service on the South Side. So we thought that initially one of the target niches we were gonna focus on was the African American population," said Paul.

It's definitely a full-service operation. Paul not only cooks, he delivers, right to your door, explaining what each dish is and answering questions. It's a perfect remedy for customers like Dawne Collier, who has the income, but not the time to cook for one.

"When I cook, I have three meals that I cook. And, I rotate those. It gets kind of boring," said Dr. Dawne Collier, Alter EatGo customer. "I'm a physician - I'm an OB, so I run out, and have a delivery or I have to be somewhere, and so it's just a lot easier to be able to pull out something from the fridge that's healthy as opposed to running down the street and picking something up."

Even though Paul started the business with the South Side in mind, he does make deliveries within a 20-mile radius of the city.

Alter EatGo