Store shooting raises security questions

February 4, 2008 4:01:43 PM PST
The deadly shooting at a Tinley Park clothing store has raised questions about security at strip malls.Some neighboring businesses have surveillance cameras, but the Lane Bryant store where five women were shot to death does not. The clothing store did not have any security personnel and neither did the strip mall where it is located.

"Ever since the mall opened up it's been bad. We had a shooting here about a year ago, I think, a carjacking," said Mike Johnson, shopper.

Mark Lundgren's company specializes in retail security.

"Probably, could do some outside security for the mall. For internal, you have loss prevention undercover people. I don't know what else they could have done to help them," said Lundgren, retail security consultant.

Two nearby stores- Target and a bank- have surveillance cameras. It is not clear if those have come into play in the investigation.

There is no city regulation requiring stores to install security systems.

"We are checking with other communities in the Chicago metro area to see what kind of things they have done with cameras and security, et cetera, that kind of thing. You have to remember that Tinley Park here and that particular center --other than the incident we had about a year and a half ago -- it's been relatively quiet," said Ed Zabrocki, mayor, Tinley Park.

The immediate area around Lane Bryant is still closed.

"We're all just thinking that this is a safe neighborhood. You just think it couldn't ever happen here. But, we've learned it can happen anywhere," said Alysia Lambert, shopper.

Mayor Zabrocki said the village is talking with the mall's owner to determine if it will install surveillance cameras and put security personnel in place. The mall has decided to allow the village to have police presence.