Boot Camp for Divas

February 18, 2008 10:19:04 AM PST
If you're serious about getting in shape, Andrea (Dre) Everett has the program for you. She leads rigorous workouts called Boot Camp for Divas. "If working out were easy, everybody would be doing it," Everett says. "A made up mind is the difference between you and a lifetime of fitness." She has spent years perfecting her boot camp fitness programs at D3 Diesel Dome in Chicago. She now works with about 100 women and men who want to keep shape; soon she'll be offering children's fitness boot camps too. Her experience has shown her, those who start a fitness program with a made up mind are the ones who get fit and stay there.

Sounds good you might say to yourself. But easier said than done right? To that Everett responds: "You have to realize you need to make a total lifestyle change. Once you understand it at that level, your state of mind is ready."

Everett fills her South Loop gym three times a night, leading students doing lunges, crunches and curls. She has won prizes in fitness competitions and is passionate about her mission. After completing a class, Dre often hears first timers say, "It's a great class, but you better have a made up your mind before arriving."

Everett adds, "Think of fitness as a part time job. I know people are like, that's the last thing I need, another job. But remember you make all the profit. You get 100 percent of the dividends of the work you put in."

She often pushes her students to the limit, leaving each boot camper panting. "But I want people to remember one last benefit if you make the fitness decision is improved spirits," she say. "You have to feel healthy inside and out for your spirit to best shine."

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