Memorial roll call, dedication held for CPD Officer Aréanah Preston 1 year after her murder

ByCate Cauguiran and ABC7 Chicago Digital Team WLS logo
Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Memorial roll call held for Officer Preston 1 year after her murder
Chicago Police Officer Aréanah Preston was killed in an Avalon Park shooting as she was returning home from work on May 6, 2023.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Dionne Mhoon, the mother of fallen Chicago Police Officer Aréanah Preston, shared on Monday what life has been like since she lost her daughter.

"It's hard to describe my life after May 6th, 2023. It changed," Mhoon said. "I would be lying to you if I said I was OK. Nothing is OK with a parent burying a child, especially knowing they had such a promising future."

Preston was shot and killed one year ago just as she was arriving at her Avalon Park home from work.

Preston was supposed to graduate with a Masters of Jurisprudence from Loyola's School of Law on May 13, 2023. Instead, her mother accepted the degree in her name. She was also waiting for a final interview to start at the FBI Academy.

Her name is now plastered on what's now called Officer Aréanah M. Preston Way at South Blackstone Avenue and East 82nd Street the very neighborhood where her murder happened.

On Monday night, the 5th Police District, with Preston's family and friends, took part in a memorial roll call and dedication.

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"On this day last year, our department and our city lost a bright and determined star," said CPD Supt. Larry Snelling.

The department honored Preston's life while still mourning the loss of another 5th District officer, Luis Huesca, who was killed just two weeks ago.

Huesca's family understands the pain that Preston's family is feeling, and shared their support on Monday night.

"I just hope this doesn't happen to any more to any other cops and that people know these people are people with regular lives and families," said Emiliano Huesca Jr., Officer Huesca's brother.

Since her daughter's death, Mhoon started a foundation, Peace for Preston, to continue to support the community her daughter loved to serve.

Mhoon says every day she wakes up unsure of what emotions will come, but with one singular mission.

"Some days, I'm sad. Some days, I wake up, and I want to fight the whole world. Some days, I wake up with anger but every day, every day, and say 'I have to do something for Ari,'" Mhoon said.

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