Behind the Scenes: United Center

February 19, 2008 5:31:17 AM PST
Welcome to the world-famous United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Blackhawks, one of the epicenters of professional sports.

You probably know all about the legendary Michael Jordan statue, one of the most visited attractions in Chicago. And you've seen Bennie the Bull, the Bulls mascot. just named him one of the top five mascots in the country.

But there is a whole lot more to this Chicago Landmark. And there's a virtual army that makes it all work-- up to 600 people during special events.

Former Chicago Bull Bill Wennington says there's nothing like the United Center. Wennington agreed to show ABC7 what he calls the players' office: the locker room. Back when he was a Bulls standout he used to give the special tour to his family and friends.

It takes about four hours to convert the basketball court to an ice rink for the Chicago Blackhawks, another 28 hours to actually make the ice, then four more hours to paint the logo. Forty-five people do this twice a year.

And now it's ready for all the action...the excitement...and often the injuries. Ever wonder where the players go when they get hurt?

"The injury is here," said Clint Reif, Blackhawks assistant equipment manager.