Meatless meals from Cucina Paradiso

March 4, 2008 1:56:16 PM PST
We're about halfway through Lent, a time when many people do not eat meat. If you've tired of fish or find vegetarian fare too bland, Anthony Gambino from Oak Park's Cucina Paradiso can help. He suggests a meatless menu choice from his kitchen that you can easily make in yours. Tony shares his recipe for recommends a dish that incorporates wheat pasta with seasonal vegetables: Penne with Fresh Creamy Pesto, Grilled Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes and Toasted Pine Nuts. Cucina Paradiso recently reopened in December 2007 after experiencing a devastating fire in June. He now offers an updated menu with all of the same favorites from Cucina, plus new smaller plates and other options in our more casual lounge seating area.

Cucina Paradiso is located at 814 North Boulevard in Oak Park; call 708-848-3434 for reservations. For more information, visit