Stacy Peterson contacted divorce attorney

March 7, 2008 7:01:56 AM PST
The divorce attorney for Drew Peterson's third wife says he talked with Stacy just before she went missing. The former Bolingbrook police officer's fourth wife, Stacy, has been missing since October. Attorney Harry Smith represented Kathleen Savio. He was working on financial and child custody issues for Savio just before she died in 2004.

Last month, Savio's death was ruled a homicide.

During an interview on WLS Radio, Smith said he talked to Stacey Peterson in the days before she disappeared. He says Stacy approached him about the possibility of leaving her husband.

"She called to discuss divorce issues and the like and then you the next you know she disappeared. Correct my secretary told me that Stacy Peterson was missing. Certainly that was very odd feeling," said Harry Smith, Kathleen Savio's attorney.

Smith says he has spoken to state police investigators about his contact with Stacy Peterson.