Cabin Fever Cures: Summer Gadgets

March 12, 2008 7:00:00 AM PDT
It may be cold outside, but these gadgets will help you prepare for the warmth.
  • BoomBucket Portable Music System for iPod, Brookstone, $150
    Cordless, portable, weather-resistant

    Great for taking favorite music along to the beach, camping, boating - or just your own backyard

    Full-range speakers provide big stereo sound

    Rechargeable battery delivers up to 8 hours of play in a single charge

  • Talking Pedometer, Brookstone, $25
    Perfect exercise companion for runners, walkers and hikers

    Announces out loud the precise distance traveled, calories burned, and elapsed time of workout

    Also displays this information on a large LCD screen

  • iGolf GPS, Sharper Image, $149.99

    Golfers are really antsy to get out onto a golf course after this winter!

    Smallest, most affordable golf GPS unit available

    Instantly displays the distance to the green or other targets - without aiming or line-of-sight contortions

    Ready to use right out of the box - no software or hardware needed, download pre-mapped GPS for any course in the world, directly from

    Shot Distance feature tells you exactly how far you've hit each club

  • Ripstick DLX, Sharper Image, $129.99
    The ultimate sidewalk "carving" machine

    Two caster wheels flex independently around a central torsion bar

    Rider's twist-and-pivot "carving" motion provides acceleration and momentum

    No pushing needed, even to cruise straight uphill!

  • Mini Grill in Cooler Bag, Crate & Barrel, $29.95
    Collapsible grill and insulated cooler bag in one convenient carry-all

    Keep your hot dogs in the cooler bag until you're ready to grill them

    Separate zipper pocket for plates and utensils

  • Table in a Bag, Crate & Barrel, $39.99
    Perfect for the beach, a picnic, lawn concert or camping

    Collapsible table rolls and unrolls in seconds

    Stows in bag for easy transport