Pam Anderson's Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great

Fed up with whipsaw cycles of losing and gaining, she vowed to change—but not if it involved dieting, hunger pangs, or saying no to the foods she loved. Complicated recipes were out. She streamlined, creating meals as satisfying as they are quick—pizzas that take just thirty minutes, big-bowl combos, and gratifying snacks to forestall cravings. She discovered a few simple habits that make all the difference. Four years later, she's still maintaining her forty-pound weight loss.

The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great is a way to eat for life, Pam says. It's filled with voice-of-experience tips for curbing appetite, no-nonsense shortcuts for getting food on the table pronto, and recipes that could only have been developed by this food-loving pro—no compromises, no wasted steps, just extraordinary results from ordinary ingredients

Pam found that eating several small meals a day helped her lose pounds and keep them off. Pam recommends meals like these:

  • A half banana and cup of hot milky tea
  • A bowl of oatmeal
  • Asian Noodle Soup
  • A couple of cookies and a cup of hot tea
  • A ramekin of nuts and a glass of wine
  • Reuben Flatbread Pizza

Pam Anderson is the author of The Perfect Recipe, which won a Julia Child Award; CookSmart, and Perfect Recipes for Having People Over. She is a monthly food columnist for Better Homes and Gardens and the magazine's TV spokesperson, a columnist for USA Weekend, and a contributing editor to Fine Cooking.

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