Dollars and Sense: Saving on your Utilities and Phone Bills

Energy Saving Tips:
* Install energy-saving bulbs (show bulb prop)
* Install Programmable thermostat
* Clean or Replace furnace and heat pump filters monthly
* Set your water heater at 120 degrees (warm setting)
* Don't leave your computer on

The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) has issued a challenge to Chicago-area callers: Don't spend more than $25-$30 on phone service! Hard to believe that most people shouldn't be shelling out more than $30? Not when you consider that many....

-Pay for plans that overcharge them for calls they never make.
-Pay for a pricey AT&T insurance policy, even though it covers wire repairs needed about once every 20-30 years.
-Pay more to phone a friend 25 miles away than what they'd pay to call Dublin, Ireland.
Last year, CUB clinics showed people how to cut their bills by an average of $200. We're expecting hundreds of people at our March 29 "phone-bill clinic" at the Gurnee Mills Mall, and in the days leading up to that event, CUB Executive Director David Kolata would love to spend a few minutes on your show to give those same simple tips.

That includes news about how consumers can get a new CUB-negotiated $20 long-distance credit--close to a year's worth of calling for many consumers.

Phone Savings Tips:
* Avoid inflated local calling plans
* Don't pay for more than 4 cents a minute
* Consider using your cell phone as a money saving tool
* Drop Line-Backer
* Don't pay for Directory Assistance; Use 1-800-Free411 (1-800-373-3411)

CUB's Phone-bill Clinic
Gurnee Mills Mall
The Show Court
Entrance "G"
6170 Grand Ave.
Sat., 11am to 4pm
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