Illinois senator concerned about Heparin

March 30, 2008 4:38:57 PM PDT
Sen. Dick Durbin is calling for a review of the way the U.S. government inspects and certifies drugs made in China.Concerns were raised over the blood thinning drug Heparin after the Food and Drug Administration announced that it caused an allergic reaction in more than 700 people, some of whom died.

According to a report, a dietary supplement had been added to the drug at a Chinese plant that was never inspected by the FDA.

"We need to have a much more thorough investigation of imports from China on of all products, but especially pharmaceuticals and drugs that can be a matter of life and death," Durbin said.

The FDA is investigating the Heparin problem.

Senator Durbin has sent a letter to the FDA asking for a thorough outline of steps it is taking to prevent future problems.