Prayer service held for Rev. Wright

CHICAGO Some of Wright's comments at the Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago's South Side have become a campaign issue for Obama.

It's a show of support for the church and its members.

Rev. Otis Moss, Trinity United Church Of Christ said people from the church have been called and harassed by media.

"We gather to let the world know, to let the community know how much we know that the Wright family is the right family," said Moss.

Led by the congregation's own ministers and several from other churches, Trinity tried to reclaim its sacred space. More than 3,000 members crowded the sanctuary, a chapel and banquet hall in a revival of sorts aimed at refocusing energy on spiritual matters.

"Everybody, though he walks through the valley of the shadow of death, help him not to fear any evil. Help him keep on keeping on," sad Rev. Leon Finney.

Trinity's retired pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah, sat near the altar.

Video clips from several of Wright's past sermons, which show him criticizing U.S. foreign and domestic policies, have become part of the presidential campaign, inasmuch as Trinity is candidate Barack Obama's home church.

Dr. Conrad Worrill, community activist, said Rev. Wright was not politically correct like Jesus was not P.C. "Upset the status quo, and he disrupted the comfortable. So it is that that Dr. Wright speaking truth to power at this hour of history," he said.

Before the service, church security staff discouraged members from speaking to reporters.

The Reverend Wright, who, since the controversy erupted, has cancelled speaking engagements around the country, did not address those in attendance Monday night.
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