Five charged in Naperville murder case

NAPERVILLE, Ill. John D. Rosales, 23, was shot to death in the 2500-block of Sheehan Drive around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. He died of a wound to his neck.

On Thursday, five men were arrested in the case: Tyrell Jackson, 20, of Villa Park; and Aurora residents Reginald Chandler-Martin, 21, Cherrod Moore, 27, Courtney Mayes, 21, and Justin Harper, 20. They face two counts each of first-degree murder, one count each of home invasion and one count each of armed robbery, according to Will County State's Attorney's office spokesman Charles Pelkie. All are being held on a $500 million bond.

"It was basically a robbery gone bad. It was not intended to be a murder, but that's what happened," said Chief David Dial, Naperville Police.

Officials said the suspects planned to rob Rosales of money and drugs. They said the plan was pre-meditated and planned at least two weeks in advance. Two of the suspects were present at Rosales' home on the night of the murder.

"There were many people in and out of the house on Sheehan Drive," said Chief Dial. "Five people remained at the house."

Rosales, two friends, and Moore and Mayes were in the home when an armed Jackson and Chandler-Martin allegedly entered the home.

"All the people in the house were ordered to the floor. And all of them complied except John Rosales. When he failed to comply, he was shot in the neck by Tyrell Jackson," said Chief Dial.

After the shooting, the suspects took off with some property, according to police. Despite his wound, Rosales got into his car and drove a short distance to 87th and Sheehan, where police found his body.

"It is not known if he was trying to pursue the suspects … or why he did what he did," said Chief Dial.

According to police, Jackson was the triggerman, but Harper supplied the weapons.

"There's a theory of accountability under Illinois law whereby during the commission of an offense, if you aid and abet a perpetrator with the intent to promote and facilitate the crime, you can be charged equally," said James Glasgow, Will Co. State's Attorney.

The suspects will be in court again on April 25 in Joliet.

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