Police lieutenant killed with wife and son

CHICAGO The three were found shot to death inside their home Friday.

The victims were identified as Allen McCullough Sr., his wife Dana McCullough and their 19-year-old son Allen McCullough Jr. Loved ones say Allen Sr. was a police office. They also say his wife once attended a grade school down the street in the 6100 block of South Hermitage and had lived in the house all of her life.

The fire department was called to the home for a well being check, and they called the police for help getting into the home, where the bodies were found Friday.

"We all just got close, real close to each other because her kids and me and my brothers and my sisters, we all of us went to this grammar school right here," said friend Nishel Jordan in tears.

"Right now, it appears to be a triple homicide and the medical examiner's office is on the scene currently processing the scene as well as detectives and the recovery team," Monique Bond, police spokeswoman, said Friday.

Police towed the family van away, and the bodies were also removed from the home Friday afternoon.

It is still unknown how long ago the three were killed and what the motive could be. Police say all of the victims were shot to death.

Relatives say another family member who was staying at the house might help provide some insight into what happened, but no one has seen him since the bodies were discovered.

"At this point, detectives are canvassing the area, talking to family members and residents to try to determine if there were any suspicious individuals in the area or any other individuals who may have been known to come to the home," said Bond.

"They killed the whole family. I mean, you know, the kids and everything, why would someone do that?" Lorenzo Anderson, family friend, said.

The McCulloughs had another son who is currently in Cook County Jail on robbery charges.
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