Mayor Daley pushes gun control at safety rally

The mayor spoke out during a 'Save Our Children' rally in Banneker school on Chicago's South Side.

Police Supt. Jody Weis joined Mayor Daley at the rally and said law enforcement officers and community groups must cooperate to fight crime.

Later, the mayor insisted that such rallies matter and sent an important message:

"We should be in love with our children, not in love with guns. And I believe that. On this anniversary of 40 years of Martin Luther King being killed by a gun, haven't we learned anything? We had John F. Kennedy, our president, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy. We have children that are being killed. Haven't we learned enough? And I really believe all these rallies are important. I don't care what anybody tells me. We will never give up," Daley said.

Chicago's mayor also made a special appeal to mothers, and all women, to tell their members of congress and state legislators to pass gun control laws.

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