Obama delegate cited for racist comment

CARPENTERSVILLE Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski is a Carpentersville village trustee. She says the incident was a complete misunderstanding. She says five children were climbing in a neighbor's tree, and she was concerned for their safety and the welfare of the tree.

She says she told them to get out of the tree when their father swore at her.

"I says, the tree is not there for them to be climbing in like monkeys. He said, you didn't. It never occurred to me it would be taken as a racial slur," said Ramirez-Sliwinski.

One of the children's mothers called police, who issued her a $75 citation for disorderly conduct. Ramirez Sliwinski says she will fight the citation.

An Obama spokesperson said that the campaign has spoken to Ramirez Sliwinski and that she has agreed to step down, but she denies that.
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