Woman gunned down by ex remembered

MUNSTER, Ind. She was shot and killed last weekend as she left her church. Her ex-boyfriend, Glenn Martinez, 35, allegedly murdered McCauley then turned the gun on himself.

Martinez was set to go on trial on domestic abuse charges filed by McCauley.

Now, elected officials want to make sure this doesn't happen again. They are pushing for laws to protect victims of domestic abuse.

The circumstances leading to Mersaides McCauley's death got the attention of state officials. In November, McCauley, 20, took out a restraining order against Glenford Martinez after she said he chocked her until she passed out. Martinez was on parole for murder, but was allowed to remain free awaiting his trail for the choking incident. In that time, Martinez tracked McCauley and killed her as she left church.

A celebration of McCauley brought hundreds of people to the Family Christian Center in Munster.

The remembrances were of a successful young woman who had faith.

"She left with the assurance that she was loved," said Dr. Peter McCauley, uncle.

"Ladies and gentlemen, what she has gone to, and where she is, no money can buy," said Pastor Kent Munsey, Family Christian Center.

On Sundays, she would sing in the choir through three services. And on Sunday evenings she was an integral part of a new congregation called City Church.

Last Sunday as she left the service, Martinez shot her in her car. Steve Rodriguez was sitting next to McCauley.

"We both looked up 'cause a car was next to us, we thought it was somebody from church. We both looked up and, you know, for, like, a second of silence and then she said 'Steve, get me out of the car,'" said Rodriguez.

Friends say she tried to help Martinez but then cut off contact when he chocked her in November. Martinez killed himself an hour later. He was a felon on parole even after he was charged for choking McCauley. Efforts to make the laws tougher on parolees are applauded by those closest to McCauley.

"At a time deemed appropriate by the family, we will be available for questions and will outline the serious concerns surrounding the murder of Mersaides McCauley and the individual who committed this most heinous act," said Toyce Mizelle, cousin.

"I loved her very much. All of us at City Church loved her very much. She'll always have a place in our hearts. And I hope that her memory will impact generations to come to avoid these types of actions from happening again," said Rodriguez.

City church is creating a new ministry in her honor. It will be called Riding with Mersaides and it will focus on domestic violence victims in need of support.
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