First 70-degree temps arrive since October

CHICAGO It's been 178 days since Chicago has experienced a day this warm.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But we Chicagoans almost have to step outside to remember what 70 degrees feels like.

"It's so beautiful, fantastic view, beautiful water everything is gorgeous outside," said Natalie O'Sullivan.

O'Sullivan and her friends were picnicking along the lake. Others, jumped right in.

"Once you get about waist deep you go numb," said Thomas Kittredge.

Yep, warm weather and television cameras bring out the brains in everyone. In case you were wondering, the Lake Michigan water temp is only 46 degrees.

Everyone else seems content to simply soak up a spectacular, albeit windy day. They're just hoping Mother Nature isn't about to rain, or sleet or snow on our warming trend.

"I hated last week," said Max Nishida. "I'm hoping this won't go away."
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