Baby goes home months after transplant

April 17, 2008 4:19:35 PM PDT
Baby Fintan Schiltz is now home with his family in west suburban Saint Charles after he fought his way through heart surgery.He's the infant that needed a heart a few months ago. His family prayed with Francis Cardinal George on Christmas Day. And shortly after, they received word Fintan would get a new heart.

After he left Children's Memorial Hospital, he spent a couple of weeks at a recovery home.

Fintan's parents brought him home Wednesday, and they're overjoyed.

"It's just exciting. It's just what we were waiting to do seven months ago. We're thrilled to have him home, just going to sleep last night knowing our family is together for the first time in seven months, it's just great," said Gina Schiltz, Fintan's mom.

On Sunday, friends of the Schiltz family are throwing a benefit concert for them at the Arcade Theatre in Saint Charles.