Clean Air Club bus

The bus, which features whimsical rainbows, clouds, birds and butterflies, will showcase the following interactive exhibits:

Air pollution display: pull a window down to show what the Chicago skyline would look like if all automobiles used biodiesel fuel.

Renewable fuel display: lift up boxes to see the best options for renewable fuel used to run cars and buses.

Lung/Air display: pull a lever to show how a child with cleaner lungs has more lung capacity than a child with severe allergies or asthma.

"Green Tree" display: flip up the apples to see how you can help the environment.

The nation's largest independent school bus company, Cook Illinois Corporation has recently switched its entire fleet of 1,700 school buses to burn bio diesel fuel. Last year, the company reduced nearly 1000 tons of toxic emissions in Chicago. Biodiesel fuel reduces the hazardous, unburned hydrocarbons in exhaust fumes by 15 to 20 percent.

Studies reveal that children riding biodiesel school buses are exposed to much lower levels of emission toxins than those riding on buses using petroleum diesel.

The new Clean Air Club website, is available for all school children who care about the environment. Children that log on to the Web site can play games and win prizes.

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