Green toys

Enviro-Blox (Cadaco Toys)
Bio-degradable building activity for children
They're completely safe and environmentally friendly – made from cornstarch instead of plastic or oils.
Simply moisten a block with water and press together for a firm, instant hold.
Enviro-Blox are reusable – store them in the plastic bag packaging to reduce waste!
When it's time to discard used Enviro-Blox, simply put them in the sink, turn on the faucet and they will disappear!
Great way to help children as young as 3 understand the importance of being environmentally conscious.
3 +
Different sizes – from $4.99 to $14.99

SEE Toys (Zen Design Group)
SEE Toys is the first eco-friendly electronic toy line that lets kids experience the lights and sounds of an electronic toy, with no batteries required! Inside each toy is a patented power-generating motor. Kids turn the crank on the outside of the toy, activating the power generating motor, which then feeds electricity into a set of internal rechargeable batteries. 60 seconds of cranking yields 15 minutes of light and sound.
SEE Toys Dynacar has superbright LED headlights and taillights, and makes 6 realistic car sounds. The free-moving wheels encourage active, imaginative play.
Notable facts:
Disposable batteries contribute more than 72,000 tons of landfill waste in the U.S. each year
SEE Toys packaging is made of recycled material, including recycled ink, and is treated with a water varnish
Other products in the line include a firefly, dolphin, shark and tiger
5+ yrs
Price: $14.99

Monopoly: Planet Earth Edition (USAOPOLY)
Environmentally conscious board game for the entire family that's based on the award-winning BBC television series, Planet Earth
Animals from around the globe such as a penguin, leopard and kangaroo, are cast in pewter to serve as the game pieces
The Community Chest and Chance cards are replaced with customized cards that direct players to: Advance to the Tibetan Plateau and other far-off destinations
The board spaces and title deeds feature exotic places, natural resources and animals
Available Fall 2008

Barbie Bcause (Mattel)
This spring, Mattel is excited to introduce Barbie™ BCause, a limited edition accessories collection that makes an environmental statement to the world!
The Barbie™ BCause collection reuses and repurposes excess fabric and trimmings from other Barbie® doll fashions and products to create fashionable and playful handbags, coin purses, wallets, tote bags and diaries.
Each is unique and features one-of-a-kind variations, giving extra meaning and extra style to what was once just extra fabric.
The collection features on-trend styling combined with kitschy patchwork details that eco-conscious girls love!
BCause – it's a cause to believe in. And, BCause being environmentally-friendly is the right thing to do.
$4.99 to $19.99
Available now

Planetcare (Toy Quest)
Umbrella brand of environmentally friendly toys that encompasses plush, plastic and wood.
Plush - Two sizes. Made with 100% organic cotton and filled with recycled polyester.
Packaging is 100% recycled and printed with organically-based inks.
$9.99 - $14.99
Toys will be available at mass retail this fall.

Pull-Along Snail; Fire Engine (Plan Toys)
PlanToys is considered the world's leading manufacturer of GREEN TOYS - they have been making eco-friendly toys since 1981.
Eco-friendly PlanToys, Inc., starts with 100% recycled rubberwood, is cured using a chemical-free, kiln-dry process, constructed using non-formaldehyde glue and finished with water-based colors
Packed in a box made from recyclable paper, printed with recyclable soy ink.
age 3 + SRP: $65
age 1 1/2 + SRP: $19

Bamboo Rapelli (HaPe)
Frst introduced in 2006 as part of HaPe's launch of Bamboo games, the only line of toys or games made of bamboo.
Notice the large cylindrical shape of the main piece – this is a piece of bamboo, a highly sustainable, renewal grass. Bamboo grows as much as 40 feet as 5 years.
All components are colored with a water based stain and pass EN71 and ASTM standards.
Contents: 1 colored die, 1 action die, 18 caterpillars in 6 colors and 1 bamboo cylinder.
How to play: Pick your favorite color Caterpillar, roll the die and see what caterpillar you must move in or out of the tree trunk. The last one not to fall out is the winner.
For 2-6 players
4 +

All of these manufacturers are members of the Toy Industry Association
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