Clinton omits husband's role in sale

"We've got to elect a president next January who's going to remember Magnequench," Clinton told voters in Valparaiso on April 12.

It seems, however, that when it comes to Magnequench there's quite a bit that Clinton has conveniently forgotten.

"We went to Valparaiso," Clinton told voters in Princeton, Ind., last night, "where there used to be a plant called Magnequench that made the magnets that helped to guide the precision-guided missiles, the so-called smart bombs. You've seen those -- they take off, they go down the chimney, they were incredibly sophisticated and these magnets, you know -- not the kind you put on the refrigerator, like we all do -- but these really sophisticated magnets were instrumental making that happen."

Clinton continued, saying, "Well, a Chinese company bought Magnequench and then they decided that they were going to move the whole company from Indiana to China. Now the president of the United States has the authority to veto that kind of a move, but Senator [Evan] Bayh begged the Bush administration not to export it -- it was going to lose jobs but it was also going to lose the know-how, the technical sophistication that created those magnets. President Bush and his administration wouldn't, basically wouldn't even give Evan Bayh the time of day. Those jobs left, and along with them went the savvy to make the magnets."

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