Oregon little leaguer back on the field

An Oregon little leaguer is back on the field after being banned for using an oxygen tank while playing.

Jacob Garcia has small lungs and needs the oxygen tank to help breathe. When he plays baseball he wears it on his back. But when an umpire saw the tank, he ordered him off the field fearing that it could be dangerous for all the players on the field.

"I just think it is an unfair and mean call," said the little leaguer.

"He thought for sure he would never be able to play again. This is his love his passion everything about this child is baseball," said his mother.

"He doesn't have a disability he has a condition no different than my blood pressure and he should be allowed to play," said Dave Wallis of Ft. Vancouver Little League.

The league quickly appealed to the national little league which immediately ruled there was no reason Jacob could not get back in the game.

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