Toddler recovers at home after shooting

He was playing with friends when shots were fired and he was caught in the crossfire.

Shulunda McGinnis and Ronald Williams were thrilled to have their child back home again. Their toddler son was shot in their old neighborhood as he finished playing with some children and was about to enter a car and leave the South Side community. They say the boy never cried and, if anything, he tried to calm down his family saying he was OK.

"Personally, I know he knows when someone is shooting, and for him to not think it was that, I wanna leave it at that," said Ronald Williams.

Police are investigating the possibility that the toddler was shot during a gang-related shooting. His parents say it happened near the corner of 77th and South May. Williams says the family returned to their old neighborhood to pick up a car and were about to put Marshawn in the car when four or five shots rang out.

The father says he pulled back the collar of his son's shirt, which was covered with blood.

"I just wanted to get the guy who shot, who did this to my son. But I know God's been working with me. I know God's gonna handle the whole situation, I'm just gonna leave it alone," said Ronald Williams.

The parents believe it was gang crossfire. Marshawn was released from the University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital Tuesday. They added that the he does not realize he was shot; he thinks he only has a burn.

"He was a strong guy. But I wasn't as strong as he was. I was a little dramatic about the situation. I just had to step away because I didn't want him to panic the way I did," said Ronald Williams.

The family says Marshawn is expected to make a complete recovery. They added that it is their faith that has gotten them through this ordeal.
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