Police investigate Riverdale bar shooting

Five people injured in shooting

Police say shots were fired after several customers began fighting inside a Riverdale tavern. They were ordered to leave and their argument escalated into gunfire outside.

Riverdale Police say they have had problems with the bar before. They are looking for one, maybe two suspects and they are asking for the public's help.

Riverdale Police described a chaotic scene when they arrived at Jimmy's Place bar, near the intersection of 138th and Indiana, early Wednesday morning. Just after midnight gunfire erupted. Hundreds of customers spilled out of the doors then ran away.

Witnesses say the shooting happened because of an argument earlier in the night.

"Some of the guys in there fighting. Probably about 35, 45 minutes later, a guy came in with a gun and shot three or four people," said Ronald Holiday, bar patron.

One victim was lying in the doorway, two others right outside. Several ambulances were called to help treat the wounded.

Residents say the gunfire woke up the whole neighborhood.

"I heard the argument earlier that night, but I didn't think anything of it until like around -- between like 11:45, 12 o'clock, that's when I heard gunshots. You could see it was from like two different guns because of the ring of the shots," said Elise Cook, neighbor.

"I'm in a deep sleep. I heard about five shots rang out at first. Just automatically woke me up. I was just listening. About another 10 seconds, I heard about another three shots," said Angie Franklin, neighbor.

"From the limited info we have at this time, it seems as if there was some kind of altercation that occurred inside the bar," said Chief Greg Baker, Riverdale Police.

Baker says, earlier in the night, several men had been thrown out of the bar after a fight then one or two of them returned with weapons.

The owner left Jimmy's early Wednesday morning without talking. Police say this isn't the first time they have had problems with the bar.

"We have responded there for several incidents in the past, nothing to this degree," Baker said.

Four of the five victims are currently in stable condition. A fifth victim who was shot multiple times is in critical condition. He underwent surgery Wednesday morning.

Police do not have a good description of the suspects. They are hoping more witnesses will come forward.

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