Pastors talk racism during Sunday services

Comments Wright made about race, foreign policy and AIDS became an issue in the presidential race when they appeared online.

Wright has been the longtime pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ where Sen. Barack Obama was a member for many years.

Given the controversy, the United Church of Christ organization urged all of its pastors to preach on the issue during services Sunday.

At Kenwood United Church of Christ on Chicago's South Side, Pastor Leroy Sanders called racism a 'weapon of mass destruction.' He also told the congregation it should fight back by putting on the 'armor of God.'

"Sometimes it seems to me that God is just dragging his feet on this racism. Then I found that it's not God, its us because we're not demanding. We're not insisting that it be stopped," Sanders said. "We're on the battlefield, and we're going to stamp out, get rid of all that is part of being racist, from the White House to the poor house, from Chicago to Cicero, wherever we find it, we're going to stamp it out."

The United Church of Christ said it believes the pastoral discussions are an important step toward a national discussion of racism.

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