Summer Hair Trends

Spring has arrived and you may be thinking about changing your look as we head into summertime. Freshening up your look can be a simple change by shortening your length or adding a fringe or changing your hair style. Andreas, Master Stylist from Salon Buzz ( showcases the latest in style and color for the Summer:

Short hair:

The dominant trendy choice of this season is the updated version of the bob "tweaked".
Beveled bob or into an asymmetrical shape.
Fun, playful and cool are the words that describe this hairstyle.

Color: Blonde.
Softer warmer blonde best suited for the season but not limited.
This is a color that can be for all year look.
Also it is a transitional color that can be passed through to other seasons with minor changes.

Medium length:

Medium lengths are the most popular looks these days.
Longer hair can be troublesome to take care of and shorter hair may not fit on all facial shapes.
Medium hairstyles seem to be just right for many women.
It is the most versatile choice out there for today's working woman.

Color: Auburn not red.
Red has been a staple color for many.
Instead auburns popularity has increased. You can turn it to burgundy or maroon, but the real key is to mix reds and browns together for a natural finish.

Long hair:

For the long hair lovers a new look has arrived.
Shorter layers on the top of the head. It still looks sexy and glamorous but also with a twist.
Fun with lots of texture and shape.

Color: Dark brown.
When dark brown hair is the option make sure you glaze your hair with a gold color glaze. This will give a lot of shine on the hair plus a beautiful tone when the sun light hits the hair.
This is a very safe approach even for the women that do not want to commit to color.

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Summer Hair Care Tips from Andreas, Master Stylist/Owner Salon Buzz:

It's no secret. Hair care needs change drastically when the summer months arrive. Short or long, curly or straight, your hair will react differently to climate changes -- so it's important to take steps to keep it healthy and shiny. Since hair plays a big part in how we look, learning how to manage it in hot weather humidity is essential to our self-confidence. Salon Buzz has some handy tips and ideas to help you gain control over your hair care and hair styles.

Protect Your Hair Color. The sun will have an adverse affect on healthy and color treated hair. Invest in a hair care line with sunscreens to protect your hair form the bad effects of the UV rays.

If your hair is lacking luster and feels lifeless it might be suffering from product build up. Residue from conditioners and styling products can literally collect on your hair and weigh it down, leaving your hair looking heavy and dull. To banish the build up use a clarifying shampoo and follow with a cool rinse.

If you're an avid swimmer, you probably know that chlorine and salt water have an adverse affect on the condition of your hair and hair color. Rinse your hair both before and after swimming and your hair is less likely to soak up chemicals that will cause damage.

If you need a solution for getting out the chemicals, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo.

When it comes to achieving good hair days on bad days for those with naturally curly hair try not to fight your texture.

Going short in the summer can be a very liberating experience and will keep you cool on the hot days.

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