Dozens of tires slashed in Calumet City

CALUMET CITY Almost every vehicle parked along the street in a secluded subdivision was targeted. The vandals also hit many vehicles parked in driveways. They even slashed the tires of a child's bike.

"I have a van that was parked on the street. They slashed the front driver's side tire and the back passenger side tire. My husband's truck was in the driveway. They got one of his tires. Our neighbor, they got one of his tires. Our other neighbor, her car was in the driveway. They got hers down the street. Every car that was parked on the street got at least one tire slashed," said Tiffany Marshall, neighborhood resident.

"It's not like you can take them in and have the tires fixed. They have been slashed so it's going to cost the people here a lot of money," said Donna Zwart, neighborhood resident.

"I just put it in god's hands and let him deal with it. I'm not bitter or anything. I'm just trying to find out what exactly happened and who would do something like this. This is a good neighborhood since I have been here. No problems whatsoever," said Andre Gayles, neighborhood resident.

"Why would somebody do that? You know, even if they get caught, it's not like they are still going to pay for our tires," said Julie Fink, neighborhood resident.

Police are investigating. They do have any suspects in custody.

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