Pregnant woman shot in head dies

Boyfriend also wounded in stoplight shooting

Kianna Green died Monday. Her family had been holding vigil by her hospital bed Sunday night as police searched for a gunman. The 27-year-old woman's loved ones said they were praying for a miracle, not only for her, but also for her three-year-old son and her unborn child.

The shooting occurred near 93rd Street and Colfax in Chicago at approximately 12 a.m. Sunday. A 27-year-old man, the woman's boyfriend, was also injured in the shooting.

"She's a great girl; never in trouble. She was never doing anything to anybody. It just another stupid act of violence that should have never happened," said Kevin Green, the victim's father.

Neighbors say it was late Saturday night when the sound of gunshots shattered the silence that blanketed the 9300 block of South Colfax. Friends say Green was riding in a car with her boyfriend Christopher Smith when the unthinkable happened as the pair waited at an intersection for a red light to turn green.

"I heard shots around 11:15 or 11:20. I came to the door and didn't see anything. So, I came back in to the watch the game. Then, the detectives came, and they told me what happened," said neighborhood resident Luther Morris.

Investigators say the gunman's bullet struck Green in the head as she slept in the car's passenger seat. The mother was rushed to Christ Hospital in extremely critical condition. Smith was also wounded in the drive-by shooting.

Green's father had said Sunday the family was keeping the faith as doctors continued to conduct their tests.

"They don't know anything yet. We're still holding on and just praying. [Faith] is all I got," said Kevin Green.

Kianna Green's family told ABC7 she was had surgery Sunday so doctors could determine how much brain damage she sustained and if there was any chance of recovery.

Meanwhile, police continued working their investigation diligently, but no one was in custody Monday night, and police had no suspects or arrests in the case.

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