Ex-Kelly employee testifies singer appears on tape


Close to a dozen witnesses have identified Kelly and the alleged victim on the tape. Prosecutors are trying to drive this point home because Kelly and the young female say it's not them on the tape.

R. Kelly once again sat at the defense table Tuesday and listened to testimony from more witnesses who identified Kelly and the allegedly underage victim on the tape. The child pornography charges against Kelly stem from the 27-minute homemade video showing a man and a young female engaging in several sexual acts. Jurors heard Tuesday from a former employee of Kelly's, Lindsey Perryman, who said she thinks highly of Kelly and that as an employer he was very good to her. Perryman also testified that she is 110 percent positive it is Kelly and the alleged underage victim on the tape.

Perryman said "the image I saw looked exactly like Mr. Kelly." She said she recognized the young female's distinctive cheekbones and the way she moved her mouth. Perryman said Kelly introduced the alleged victim to her as his goddaughter in 1999 and Perryman said the teenager used to babysit for Kelly's children.

Raven Gengler testified her friend's facial features and expression on her face made the girl on the tape recognizable. The defense accused Gengler of lying and asked her if she was coached by prosecutors and police. Gengler shot back, "I never lie."

Also Tuesday, a family friend of the alleged victim's identified her as well. But, under cross-examination, after she was shown an old photo of the alleged victim, Tjada Burnett told jurors that the girl had braces in the 1990s, the same time the video was made. The female on the tape did not have braces.

The defense and Burnett also got into a dispute over hairstyles. Burnett testified that she believed the person on the videotape was wearing a bob, though a previous witness testified she thought it was a mullet. They got into a back and forth over the difference between a bob and a mullet.

Testimony will continue Wednesday.

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