Students' art honors fallen soldiers

Art students at the Uptown performance school created the images of the faces of America's fallen soldiers. There are 400 portraits of soldiers who have died in Iraq since the war began five years ago.

"To do a project about soldiers dying meant a lot because it made me feel more connected about what is going on in our country," said Angela Clay, Uplift student.

"All these people died trying to protect the country," said Elana Smith, student.

"I am Puerto Rican and I tried to find Puerto Ricans who died serving our country," said Juan Hernandez, Uplift student.

For every one portrait, ten soldiers have been killed in the War with Iraq. Each student painted five portraits.

"I see a female that was in the war that was young and that died, it was kind of weird," said Steven Pierce, Uplift student.

"This one is Donovan E. Watts. He was one of the oldest soldiers that I did. He's from Atlanta, Georgia. He's 46," said Shadon Phillips, Uplift student.

"Most of them were young. I was surprised. Those people are gone now," said Salma Ahmedin, Uplift student.

"They did a great job and used different materials for their paintings and drawings," said Laura Mullkoff, Uplift teacher.

Some of the students plan to send their portraits to the soldiers' families.

"We want them to know we have not forgotten them," said Clay.

The combination of the individual drawings creates a complex mosaic of the scale of the lives lost in Iraq.

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