Pfleger sermon called America a sin

CHICAGO The church has been a part of controversy in the presidential campaign. Its pastor was criticized and now a visiting pastor to the church has come under controversy as another snip of Father Michael Pfleger's sermon on May 25 was posted on YouTube.

Services at Trinity United Church of Christ have continued despite controversy outside of the church. State Senator Kwame Raoul is a member and was at Sunday service.

"The membership of the church knows a different side of the church, from a comprehensive participation in church, from attending church on a regular basis," said Raoul, (D) 13th District.

Overnight, another YouTube video surfaced from Father Michael Pfleger. In it, Pfleger says "America is the greatest sin." It was a sermon about racism last weekend, the same sermon which drew criticism for his portrayal of Hillary Clinton.

"Racism is still America's greatest addiction," Pfleger said in his sermon. "I also believe that America is the greatest sin against God. If the greatest command is to love, then the sin against love must be the greatest sin against God, who is love, and who causes us to love one another. So the greatest sin against God, racism."

In a statement issued by Father Pleger Monday, he urges people to listen to the entire 58-seconds. He says: "I inadvertently inserted the word 'America' in the wrong place and was not even aware of it until right now. If you hear the whole phrase, it is evident what I meant and that it was a mix-up of words."

Pastor Moss at Trinity told ABC7 no one from that church would be commenting on any issues on Monday.

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