Lego building contest in Chicago

CHICAGO Probably not, but you've certainly heard of his invention. Christiansen created the Lego one of the world's most popular toys for kids.

On Wednesday in Chicago, some adults turned playing with Legos into a job application.

At the Embassy Suites in downtown Chicago Lego lovers gathered to show their creativity at snapping together these wonderful, colorful plastic bricks. But even though they were playing, this was serious business.

"They're applying actually for a job. And their job application is actually playing with Legos. Because we give them one hour and they're going to build with Legos and show their stuff," said Dan Steininger, Lego Master Model Builder.

Thousands of Legos to choose from so their possibilities are endless. And it's all for a job opening as a model builder at the new Legoland Discovery Center opening in Schaumburg on August 1.

One contestant wasn't even sure what he was building.

"I have no idea. It's just a structure," said Terry Baker, Lego fan for more than 25 years. "We'll just see what materializes here."

Tony Kossler says he's been playing with Legos all his life and he was there because of what his mother used to tell him.

"Do something productive. You're not going to get anywhere playing with Legos," he said. "Here I am trying to get a job playing with Legos."

Now this might be hard to believe, but the Lego building block is now 51 years old. They started small but now are really big. Lego makes more rubber tires than the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

With tires and 400 billion other pieces sold internationally in half a century, there must be a secret to the success.

"They're incredibly diverse. That's what blows my mind. All these parts coming out you can build anything you want with them," said Greg Gaw, who has played with legos since childhood.

It won't be known who gets the job until later Wednesday evening.

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