Hoop Dance Yoga

Does yoga appeal to you, but you just can't twist your body into those poses? Then a new type of exercise routine might be just the thing for you. Hoop Dance Yoga is taught by Angie Wilson from Universal Spirit Yoga in Naperville. Her classes combine hula hooping, dance and yoga postures. Together, they emphasize total body awareness, hand eye coordination, increase flexibility, fluid body mobility and core strength. "Hoop dance instills confidence, enhances creativity, unites the breath with movement and heighten the spirits," Angie says.

Angie also offers a special Hoop Dance Yoga for teens and young adults. "You can burn as many calories as aerobics or running - and have twice as much fun," she says. "Yoga hula hooping is an exhilarating total-body, low-impact workout guaranteed to shake up your fitness routine. Creative, fluid moves reshape your waist, build power in your core, and get your heart pumping. And as you spin the hoop around, you'll feel the joy of movement just like when you were a kid."

Hoop Dance Yoga Benefits

-burns 100 calories every 10 minutes
- Tones waistline, glutes, arms, thighs, back and shoulders
- strengthens core
- releases toxins
- breaks up fat deposits
- promotes regular digestion
- enhances cardiovascular & respiratory strength
- increases balance, coordination and flexibility
- corrects poor posture & improper body mechanics
- improves performance in other sports

- relieves stress
- enhances mental focus
- produces endorphins (mood enhancer)
- reduces fatigue
- boosts confidence
- makes one feel sexy
- relieves anxiety
- balances both sides of the brain

- creates a higher cellular vibration
- allows chi to flow freely
- grounds & harmonizes one with the earth
- connects one to inner rhythms
- unites breath with movement
- hypnotically relaxing
- releases dormant energies
- awakens the Kundalini (life force energy)
- allows physical & emotion experience in control & surrender
- instills a youthful spirit

Along with the physical benefits, hoop dancing provides a meditative benefit as well. The constant motion is relaxing, energizing and focusing, Angie says.

Hoop Dance Yoga Demonstration
National Kidney Foundation of Illinois
Gift of Life Walk 2008
Sunday, June 29 at 9 am
Soldier Field Great Lawn
(312) 321-1500

Hoop Dance Yoga Classes

Universal Spirit Yoga
408 W. 5th Ave.

Naperville Park District

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