Grooming tips for dads and others

Now we have the opportunity to do something very special for all the great men in our lives. Step out of the comfort zone. Replace the normal tie or golf clubs with great essential grooming tools and products says Marcus Geeter, "The Makeup Therapist." It's one of the best times in history for men's grooming.

Here are a few great grooming tips to help men put their best look forward.

  1. When applying hair pomades, gels, etc., start from the back of your head and work the product forward, then reverse the procedure before styling. Use the tips of your fingers to mold the look.
  2. If you're experiencing bad breath, try using a Waterpik in addition to daily flossing. You'll be amazed how much healthier your gums will be. Don't forget to brush your tongue. Food particles and bacteria get stuck there and can cause bad breath.
  3. To combat dry, itchy skin, replace a hot shower with lukewarm showers and baths. Pat yourself dry, then use a nice body oil while your skin is still damp. Avoid harsh soaps; rather use a nice moisturizing body shampoo or gel.
  4. Want softer feet? Try thePedegg available at your local drugstores to remove dry, cracked skin. You may want to try a professional pedicure or soak your feet in a nice warm foot bath. Remember to dry under your toe nails, or bacterial and fungus can start to grow. This simple procedure can save you tons in medical expenses.
  5. If you have razor burn, try using a shaving gel or cream that contains alpha hydroxy or tea tree oil. This will help combat the problem.
Here are some great gift items for Dad.
  • IZOD
    Available at Macy's
    • Izod Polo-$36
  • Umbrellas from Davek New York
    Available at select Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's locations
    Visit Davekny
    Davek Solo/43 inch canopy-$95
    Davek Duet/55 inch canopy-$149
  • OleHenrikson
    Available at
    OleHenrikson Men's Kit-$70
  • Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare
    Available at
    Liz Earle Face and Body Wash-$21
  • The Real Shaving Company
    Available Exclusively at Rite Aids nationwide
    The Real Shaving Company Daily Facial Scrub--$9.50
    The Real Shaving Company Daily Anti-wrinkle cream-$12.50
    The Real Shaving Company Shaving Gel-$7.50
  • Philip Kingsley
    Available at
    Philip Kingsley Jet Sets-$23
  • Tweezerman
    Available at
    Tweezerman Deluxe Grooming Kit- $20
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