Father-son jockeys to face off in Father's Day race

Meet Randy and Brandon Meier. You'll find them at the Arlington Park Race Track, where they are not only jockeys, but father and son.

Fifty-three-year-old Randy has been riding for 36 years. He has won more than 4,000 races and is one of the nation's winningest jockeys.

"In my career, I broke probably 49 bones right now. I have had some pretty serious injuries. I have broken my neck. I have screws and plates in there. My idea was to try to get him to go to school and avoid what I'm doing, but in the back of my mind, at the same time, I was like man, I would love to have him here with me," said Randy.

Brandon Meier is just 19. His first race was Mother's Day. Since then he has won 10. A college student for a time, he elected to follow in his father's footsteps.

"My dad has always wanted me to go to school, and my mom. They both said use your head instead of your back. So I went to one year of college. That was the agreement I had with my dad. Then I said well, I went to college. Now it's my turn to ride," Brandon said.

As nearly as we know, Randy and Brandon Meier are one of only two father and son jockeys in the country who ride together at the same track.

"The dream has come true. We're here together. We're racing against each other. He's beating me. He is probably better than me. But he's got to catch up. He is a few races behind the 4,000," said Randy.

"I think I have got him most of the time, but I know he beat me a couple too," said Brandon.

Chicago-area residents, they are regular riders at Arlington Park.

"Now after I have reached the 4,000, it's just like I just want to ride with Brandon and give him a few more lessons," said Randy.

"I always wanted it and I wanted it bad enough. There is just pretty much nothing going to stop me," said Brandon.

Randall and Brandon Meier, father and son, some jockeys you should know.

They'll be celebrating Father's Day by competing against one another in the same race.

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