Bike to Work rally focuses on safety

CHICAGO Clint Miceli, 22, was killed Monday when a motorist opened a car door in front of his bicycle in the 900-block of North LaSalle. He struck the door and that impact sent him into the other lane, where he was struck by a vehicle.

There have been several recent bicycle accidents in the city of Chicago. Because of the string of crashes, safety was a topic at the Bike to Work rally Friday morning. Mayor Daley and community leaders were at the event, which had a good turnout, according to Rob Sadowsky, Chicago Bicycle Federation.

"As crowded as ever," said Sadowsky. "Numbers have been huge. It's been great coming into work every day."

More than 8,000 people alone participated in the 2008 Bicycle Commuter Challenge, which gets businesses involved in the effort. According to CBF, more than 350 businesses took part, which is up 35-percent from last year.

Overall, biking is up in the city, according to CBF.

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