Chicago area cleaning up after severe weather

CHICAGO Across the rest of the city and suburbs, high winds uprooted dozens of trees and damaged hundreds more. Some of the trees fell on houses and cars. They caused serious damage, which left city crews and residents to spend their Father's Day cleaning up.

The storms woke up many Downers Grove residents Sunday morning. Many of them could not believe the damage the found. That was the case at one home where a fallen tree went straight through one of the bedrooms.

"We were in total shock. We couldn't believe the tree came through the house. We stood there and shook and ran down the stairs. The wind kept swirling, but we got out all right," said area resident Mary Kay Givens.

In Forest View, the fire department was in the right place at the right time, allowing them to arrive immediately on the scene of a house fire.

"As our engine was going by, something lit up over here. One of the power lines came down, charged a metal fence, which is connected to this house and the house on the corner," the Forest View Fire Department's Randall Kappmeyer said near the scene Sunday.

The storms also did damage to trees throughout the Elmhurst community.

In the South Loop, resident had to be careful about the debris falling from a 30-story high rise building under construction.

In Chicago, power lines were down in the 1400 block of South Wood. In the 2800 block of South Lawndale, uprooted trees destroyed several cars.

"I woke up and thought it was going to be a regular morning. Thank God no one was hurt it. It could have been worse," said Scott Kaczmarek.

Oak Park was hit hard by the storms, as well. Trees were grounded all over the area, including one that appeared to be split in half.

"My mother woke me up and said I should come over. I got there and saw my childhood tree now destroyed," Kenneth Lee said.

A number of trees were hit in Forest Park, damaging at least five cars in one area and destroying a back porch.

"The wind was blowing every way and you couldn't see. The tree came down on our house. [It sounded like] a car came through the house," Peggy Hughes said.

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