Cubs fan, 93, throws first pitch

CHICAGO She is a dedicated Cubs fan. And on Tuesday night, she got to throw out the first pitch when the Cubs took on the Baltimore Orioles.

"I get up in the morning and say a prayer that I'm able to get up and walk," said Dolan.

Dolan is on the short side of 94 and a big Cub fan, so much so that over the years, she's kept score of hundreds of games in person or tuned to radio and TV. Her scorecards are filled with the names of legends - Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Kenny Hubbs.

If she didn't have a scorecard, Dolan made her own. She said keeping score helps keep her sharp, and it's fun, though there can be aggravation.

"If I'm writing down and they're hitting something, then all these people stand up, and I can't see what's happening," she said.

Loretta would see what's happening Tuesday night when she walks onto the field - a bit short of the mound - to throw out the first pitch.

The park district summer camp kids across the street knew that Tuesday night was Loretta's night at Wrigley.

This is a baseball family, and the matriarch takes Tuesday night's challenge seriously. Gram, 93, has been working out with the great grand-kids. Her overhand fastball is a bit erratic, so she's opting to go underhand with a wicked splitter.

"I'll have to take out my hearing aids so I won't have to hear them," she said of the expected 40,000 cheering fans.

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