NFL Alumni mentor kids who need role models

CHICAGO "What I often do is sign a check to get a lot of the basic things our families need. We are just trying to do the right thing," said Debra Wesley Freeman, Sinai Community Institute.

This Saturday, the institute is launching a collaborative program with the NFL Alumni. Former Chicago Bear Charlie Brown says the program, entitled "Bound for Glory," will focus on mentoring at-risk male youth.

"it is a youth intervention for boys," said Brown. "We hope to take boys from 11 to 17 and kind of define where they are and what their glory would be on an individual level."

"We will provide the children and the NFL will provide the mentors," said Freeman.

Fifteen-year-old Jenani Williams says he is looking forward to being in the program.

"I am excited about it because I get to learn from a mentor, and he can teach me how to be a better role model for other males," said Williams.

Williams says he respects Brown and what he has to teach him.

"He is a former football player and I want to be one...he can tell me what to do," Williams said.

"It is a wonderful opportunity for him to be paired with a mentor, a responsible man," said Lydia Williams, Jenani's mother. "His father is not in his life ... It will be great for him to be with someone he can look up to and ask questions of ... he will be a role model to my child.

Sinai Community Institute is celebrating 15 years of service this Saturday with a gala at Soldier Field.

If you'd like more information on this mentoring program, call Sinai Community Institute at (773) 257-6936.

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