People expected to stay close to home July 4

CHICAGO The national average for a gallon of gas prices is $4.09. Last year, the same gallon of gas with $2.95. That jump in price is keeping some folks closer to home for the Fourth of July.

"We're going to see people travel closer to home. We're going to see people travel to see their family and friends. If you're a family or for someone who has a lake house, be prepared because you will get a lot of visitors this summer," said Beth Mosher, AAA.

Nikki Odom is headed to Wisconsin.

"I thought about taking the bus, but it's too long. It's too long. I would just rather have the freedom of my car. Sucking it up," said Odom.

Fewer people are flying, too. A number of airlines have raised ticket prices and added baggage fees to make up for the cost of jet fuel.

"We're seeing higher gas prices. But we're also seeing higher car rental rates, higher airline prices. We're seeing a lot of airline fees. A lot of people are deciding to stay home this holiday travel season," said Mosher.

Therefore, huge crowds could turn out for the Taste of Chicago and other area events.

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